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Recent Claim Successes

Quakertown Smoke Claim

Date: 2014

Background: In 2014, our client tried to light a fire in their fireplace on a chilly night. Due to a recent unknown internal collapse of her chimney liner, the entire home quickly filled with smoke. After calling her agent, the homeowner was very upset when told that the damages would not be covered. Upon finding out about us, they reached out to us at Guardian Adjustment Group. We performed a full policy review and full home inspection and found the insurance company to be incorrect in their opinion. We reopened the denied claim, compiled expert reports and estimation of damage to the home and to the contents and are proud to report that the insured recovered over $53,000 with our representation. $0 to $53,000 ! What an increase!

West Chester Hail Claim

Date: May 2014

Background: In May of 2014 a terrible hailstorm hit Southern Pennsylvania. This particular client contacted the insurance company without a public adjuster and the insurance company adjuster came out, evaluated the damages, and made an offer of $3,460 for damages to their roof. The homeowner compared this insurance company offer and found it to be slightly less than what the roofer was going to charge and became exhausted in trying to get the insurance company to pay the difference. He then reached out to us at Guardian Adjustment Group to assist. We reopened the claim, inspected, re-estimated, consulted with the roofer, re-negotiated and are proud to say that we were able to get the now ecstatic homeowner $10,000 more. That's an increase of over 300% compared to what the insurance company originally paid!

Client: Philadelphia Resident

Date: August 2014

A Philadelphia resident suffered water damage to their property resulting in a claim being filed with their homeowners insurance. After the initial inspection, the insurance company made a settlement offer of a little more than $10,000. After getting quotes from contractors and realizing that the offer was insufficient to repair their home, they decided to contact Guardian Adjustment Group to help them negotiate a better settlement. After a few months Guardian was able to negotiate a settlement of nearly $40,000, an increase of 400%!

Newtown Pennsylvania Tree Impact

Over the crazy winter we had, a heavy Snow and high winds caused a massive old tree fall onto a historic Barn built in the early 1800s. Right away the homeowner followed the advise of their contractor and gave us a call. The insurance company wanted to patch the roof and paint a small section of the old barn citing the barns age as the reason for the minor scope of work. After many site inspections with adjusters, engineers and eventually upper management, we forced the insurance carrier to not cut corners and lowball but pay for the Period Correct” historically accurate repairs to this gorgeous building.

Long Beach Island, NJ - Flood Claims

In came superstorm sandy, and in her wake was billions of dollars of damage. A previous client called us and told us that their shore home was under water. We met them onsite immediately and got started on the estimation of damages and negotiations. Through our "happy customer referral network" we ended up representing all but one of the houses on this given block, with the one homeowner deciding to handle the claim themselves. Well after 6 months, all of our clients had been paid an average of $65,000 more then the one homeowner who didn’t utilize our services. We were happy to get involved, Once the homeowner who didn’t use us heard of their neighbors settlements (and was completely exhausted in dealing with their insurance company). Many months more of aggressive haggling and we were able to get this clients settlement almost doubled. So why wait? Call us first and get your life back to normal faster and with us dealing with the stress.

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