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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional claims adjuster that works for you, the insured solely. Unlike an Insurance Company Adjuster, who protects the insurance companies interests, public adjusters prepare, present, and negotiate property claims with the insurer, so that the insured, who may feel overwhelmed, doesn’t have to. A Public Adjuster is solely YOUR representative.

Why do I need my own adjuster?

Your insurance company has a staff of (or sub-contracted claims adjusters) who are trained to represent their interests not yours. The skilled professional that your insurer will send to investigate and calculate your loss is paid by the very same company that owes you a fair settlement. The conflict is obvious.

Also, the question must be asked, do you as the insured fully understand your policy? Many people haven’t even read their policy and do not know what would be covered or not. Most people just accept the offer from the insurance company, with no way of knowing if its fair or not. When you are sick, you go to a doctor who is trained and equipped to assist you. When you need help with your taxes, you go to your accountant, who is trained and understands the tax codes in order to help you best. If you need legal help, you would go to an Attorney, who has vast knowledge of the law in order to best serve you. Likewise, when you experience any sort of loss or damage to your property, you call the expert, YOUR public adjusters.

How is a Public Adjuster compensated?

A public adjuster works for a small percentage of your settlement, payable after you are indemnified. The fee is 100% contingent so if we don’t get you paid, we don’t get paid.

How does a Public Adjuster prepare a claim?

We prepare estimates, compile arguments, perforem field inspections and evalutations all in an effort to get you paid top dollar. In addition to being skilled negotiators, we use the services of structural appraisers, engineers, accountants, inventory specialists, and other experts as needed to make sure you get the best possible settlement. Your insurer will use their own experts to document their opinion of your claim and try to tell you how much you’re owed. Again, the conflict is apparent.

If my claim was denied, am I entitled to a second opinion?

Yes! Many of our clients have already submitted a claim and been denied from the insurance company. Getting advice from a public adjuster is always in your best interest, especially if you have been denied. We will personally come to the loss, Go through the policy, go through the cause of loss, review all damage, and form an opinion as to whether the denial is proper or not. At Guardian, about 35% of our buisness is going back to an insurance company who has denied or underpaid a claim. Give us a call and we would be happy to review your denial from the insurance company. REMEMBER, we only get paid if you do, so our advice in relation to a denial or underpayment is free, unless we find that you have been improperly denied, and we assist you in getting the claim paid.

Is there any minimum value requirement for a claim?

We pride ourselves on giving professional and honest advice that is best for you, the insured. Should your policy and damage not be worth pursuing due to size or a policy coverage issue we will tell you forthright in telling you so. We recommend avoiding trying to assess the level of damage yourself, thinking “Well these damages are too small to put in a claim for.” Our Advice is free, and more often than not, insureds don't know their policy and a seemingly small claim is actually quite substantial due to unforeseen factors. Let us evaluate it for you. Its free. Calling a public adjuster when damage occurs doesn’t negatively affect your premium or insurance record, as we don’t work for the insurance company, we work for YOU.

What about emergency and/or temporary repairs?

Within the fine print of all insurance policies is a complex list of obligations that you as the policyholder have to abide by in the event of a loss. The period right after a loss is a critical time; the right decisions can save your business or home and also protect your rights. The wrong decisions can lead to disaster. One mistake in this complex process can limit the amount paid by the insurance company. We as public adjusters are well aware of and familiar with policy holder requirements and can recommend and assist in finding emergency service technicians to protect your property. With many years in the field, we have a network of professional and reliable restoration companies we can recommend.

What should you as the Home or Business owner do first?

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